CrAP Facts: Case of the " Missing Liberal Autistic"

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The Case of the "Missing Liberal Autistic Staffer" campaign is a call to action to end the ongoing failure to implement disability rights and corruption of our government.
A Canadian Autistic and her friend inspired the campaign after coming forward publicly to bring awareness to the Canadian Autistic's case and the other 92% of Autistic's missing from our workplaces.
This "Missing Liberal Autistic" first went missing from her employer's workplace and employers office Pam Damoff, Canadian Liberal Member of Parliment for Oakville North-Burlington at the end of November 2017.
( Please see below for active timeline)


February of 2018, the case of the "Missing Liberal Autistic" was launched. The Canadian's were encouraged to get the Liberal Party and Prime Ministers attention on social media after her pay was cut off in January 2017 and inquiries to resolve her discrimination
concerns dismissed. A Senior Liberal shared with them everyone knows Ms Damoff is in the wrong, but her seat as a Member of Parliment is worth more to the Liberal party than escalating this and taking action against the Member. It was advised to keep pushing the case on social media. Unless their advocating started to tarnish the Liberal brand, no further action would be taken and nor would this information reach people in the Liberal party, government or voters who can take action.


Unfortunately, we cannot encourage the "Missing Liberal Autistic" to file a Human rights claims against Ms Damoff due to parliamentary privileges.  Even the Supreme Court of Canada, recently threw out a claim against a Member of Parliment because the House regulates its internal affairs. In terms according to the House of Commons in Canada of its membership, the House of Commons retains the right to control its internal affairs and procedures, free from any interference from the courts.  This includes the right to enforce discipline on its Members by suspension or expulsion. Even where a Member has been convicted of bribery, or sentenced to imprisonment for an indictable offence for a period longer than the life of the Parliament, the Member cannot be deprived of his or her seat unless the House decides so. [286]


The Whip and House of Commons have assured her that the matter is being taken seriously, though little has been done to resolve her situation in seven months and her injury claim for compensation continues to not be processed. We are informed she continues to be diligent keeping records of their communications and has shared substantiating evidence to support her claims. We will be adding supporting documents on our website as advised.


Ms Damoff appears to have spun the negative social media attention her treatment of her employee garnered to serve her own objective of highlighting bullying of women in politics, positioning herself recently on the Human Resource Disability and Sports standing committee for the duration of writing the new harassment bill and using the Federal PSTD report to highlight the call to action to support mental health workplace injuries for First Responders. All while telling her constituents her goal as MP is to make her riding the most inclusive and undermining mental health workplace place injuries by hiding behind her own privileges and stating her employee and supporting medical professional have misunderstood the definition of harassment, injury and have subscribed to a disability narrative.
Which is shameful since Ms Damoff sits as the Federal Vice Chair of the Status of Women, has been the one responsible for the bullying of her "Autistic Liberal staffer" and her actions is similar discrimination First Responders, Veterans and women face when reporting a mental health injury and harassment.
It appears the government is closing ranks and choosing to protect the Member who rose to her position thanks in no small part to "Missing Liberal Autistics" effort.


Ms Damoff has used her employees own skills and knowledge to advance her standing and reputation, denied her necessary accommodations that do not cause undue hardship in order to mitigate her disability, refused to address the severe workplace bullying culture that had emerged, despite her and other's repeated attempts to help her understand what was happening, and then complete refusal to even perform the necessary steps that would have allowed her "Autistic Liberal Staffer" to heal and access further options with some financial security.
Her employee entrusted the Liberal party with her discrimination concerns in the spirit of loyalty and being a valued member of the team.  At first, she kindly requested those rallying against the discrimination and vocalized she was worried it would become just another wedge issue in the House of Commons rather than implementing her rights as a Canadian citizen or furthering the rights of Autistics. Regrettably, the situation has only escalated and her trepidations to keep this confidential and informal have dissolved.


She identifies and is formally diagnosed as "Autistic" and has supporting documentation the discrimination against her is based not on her abilities but her "Autistic identity".   Her doctors have agreed "education" and "awareness" will change nothing until our government upholds Canadian's rights that do not cause undue hardship or interfere with bonafide job requirements.
We think it's time for some accountability too and if you are reading this take action. Too many Canadians are not aware we are already facing a worker shortage in Canada, we need strong workers in place for the 2030 worker global crisis.


We need to send a clear message that mental health workplace injury cannot be dismissed by an armchair diagnosis of willfully ignorant employers or government that discredit medical doctors.   All Canadians and Global Citizens have a right to work in harassment and discrimination-free workplaces.


It's time we clean up our government from continued greed, corruption and power imbalances.
UNICEF rated Canada 38 out of 40 of the wealthiest countries, one out of five children are living in poverty, and we ranked 5th in bullying.   Parliamentary privilege cannot continue to grant MP's and their staff free license to get away with all manner of evils and corrupt our democratic process.


Take Action Today.  If you are not Canadian, you can still help spread our messages to stop corrupt Canadian officials like MS Damoff, from co-creating legislation with your government or object to her representing Canada at the United Nations until our government takes action.
Find us on twitter @crapwematter and help spread our messages.
You can join and participate in the Global Flutter Campaign @globalflutter
Tweet and demand due process for the "Missing Liberal Autistic" @pamdamoff @JustinTrudeau @OurCommons
Contact a Member of Parliament and demand action.


Share and watch one of the Neurodiverse World #whereishe campaign videos

Active Time Line started 2015


  • MP hires Autistic to be Office Manager, who discloses disability and requests workplace accommodations
  • MP denies accommodations. Autistic employee manages to meet expectations anyway
  • Volunteer Autistic helps MP get elected
  • MP hires her friend and son's best friend to be managers too
  • Staff bully, harass and discriminate against Autistic employee. MP joins in.
  • MP's son's best friend uses Autistic employee's matter expertise to write his Master's thesis and launches himself as a disability expert and spokesperson
  • Autistic employee's friend (and wife of MP's friend, and token mental health volunteer) writes to MP, informing her of the gang bullying and ask for it to be addressed. MP ignores mental health token volunteer, and expresses anger to Autistic employee, seeming to view the word "disabled" as a slur
  • Harassment worsens, Autistic Office Manager is stripped of authority and autonomy, denial of accommodations continues

November 2017

  • Friend again reaches out, this time to local Liberal party members in honest appeal for advice and assistance
  • Hostile workplace harassment and discrimination finally causes injury. The autistic is put on medical leave due to injury

December 2017

  • Autistic employee contacts the Liberal Party for assistance
  • Liberal Party kindly helps the Autistic staffer get in contact with the House of Commons Whip office

January 2018

  • Harassment and abuse of power continue. MP goes to Autistic employee's home, challenges employee's doctor by forwarding a letter denying claims
  • Autistic sends supporting documentation to the House of Commons substantiating harassment and plea to stop the MP harassing her at her home
  • MP cuts off Autistic employee's sick leave pay, offers no WSIB, no injury pay, no Employee Assistance Plan, not even a "How are you?"
  • MP uses parliamentary privilege as an excuse to circumvent Canada's Charter of Human Rights
  • Mediation is offered and Autistic employee corresponds concerns that she would be seriously disadvantaged, physically impossible due to her injury/mutism and would cause undue stress etc. 
  • Autistic employee contacts party Whip and House, who ignore discrimination for two months. House offers institutionalization, ignores her when asks for injury pay or explains concerns with mediation and takes no further steps to address harassment concerns
  • Autistic employee and her friends make the issue public, after realizing that we are all expected to slink away quietly, as so many have been forced to do in the past

February 2018 

  • House of Commons sends a staff from Ottawa to meet with Autistics employee and two advocates to discuss next steps and concerns.
  • Finally, the House of Commons opens an investigation, and WSIB is initiated 
  • MP claims to be a victim of bullying and harassment on social media and uses her position to censor her online critics.

March to April 2018

  • MP and House of Commons refused to contact Autistic employee according to a police officer,  therefore the Police Officer contacts autistic employee over fraud concern.  This causes extreme stress and thankfully Autistic employee involvement is quickly dismissed with fraud concerns.
  • MP's Lawyer sends legal documents by certified mail advising Autistic employee the MP has hired a lawyer and an Investigator, denies claims, and attaches a copy of the harassment policy they will follow, accuses the autistic employee of nonsense,  and warns her about her advocates campaigning on social media and information should only be shared with advisors etc.. ( Please note we are all her advisors because unlike the MP do not have access to taxpayers money to hire lawyers to harass injured employees who tried for years to educate, compromise until said MP pushed her out by targeting her Autistic traits and further injured her on leave)
  • MP hires Investigator from House of Common's third-party investigator list.
  • Autistic employee investigates the investigator and forwards questions to the House of Commons questioning why a third party investigator has made thousands in contracts with the government. She also question's why the House of Commons yearly harassment reports state not one claim has been substantiated in years
  • Investigator contacts the Autistic employee and denies a request for accommodation and to have a support person with Autistic employee
  • Autistic employee upon request provides medical support for accommodation during the interview process
  • MPP office contacts workers compensation and informed waiting on the House of Commons to file information to process
  • Autistic Advocate contacts the House of Commons and is informed House of Commons they did not receive the medical support for accommodation during the interview process
  • Autistic employee forwards receipt from Pam Damoff and the Investigator acknowledging receipt of  medical support for accommodation during the interview process
  • Autistic applies for EI and is informed by Service Canada is waiting for her Record of Employment

June 2018

  • Autistic employee is granted 15 weeks injury/sickness benefits from Service Canada while she waits for injury pay to be processed
  • House of Commons issues Record of Employment
  • Autistic Advocate ignored by WSIB- (Workers compensation) after trying to contact the office as representative numerous times
  • House of Commons since May waiting for more information from WSIB-workers compensation and has not followed up regarding the investigation.
  • June 19th House of Commons sends email response 

July 2018

  • House of Commons sends Autistic employee clarifying email "that  WSIB contacted HOC via fax and there is no mention of workplace paperwork required, they do not think MP's can investigate himself/herself, have not initiated an investigation,  the Member can, as the employer, can initiate a workplace assessment.   
  • Autistic employee's bank had the right to offset debts and takes EI funds for failure to pay debts accrued while waiting months for employment supports. 
  • Response sent to the House of Commons by the Autistic employee clarifying how the ongoing stress effects multi-levels, destroyed her credit, separated her family etc...  That the Autistic employee can't afford a lawyer.  That she will need to speak to her doctor regarding "workplace assessment now" and reminded the House of Commons that delay places the Autistic Staffer at higher risk for long-term health longer this case is not resolved.
  • House of Commons responds to the mention of serious health concerns and risks defer this person from added commentary and requested to let the contact know when they would like to further discuss this.  Also, a reminder to use the 1-800 number provided again to an Autistic employee who uses  written  communication to seek employment supports and a reminder she can contact  a nurse on the House of Common accommodation team to help her get through this and seek additional support but do not contact the mental health nurse until the end of the month because she is away? 
  • Autistic employee's family contacts new MPP for Oakville because after seven months  there has been zero resolution and WSIB claim still has not been processed
  • Family Contacts WSIB after the advocate for the Autistic employee's calls are not returned.
  • Autistic Employee and Advocate meet with new local Oakville MPP office regarding WSIB claim.  It is explained at this time the Autistic uses written communication for non-scripted communication and to communicate via written
  • Autistic sends a response to the House of Commons again requesting for accessible access to employment supports and clarity why the HOC is not upholding the harassment policy, investigation etc
  • Two weeks pass and no update from House of Commons or WSIB or MPP office

August 2018

  • Autistic employee's new MPP Oakville office states they are unable to assist with advocating for WSIB due to MP Damoff having a lawyer. ( Which is provided and paid by the taxpayer?) 
  • WSIB via telephone with representative requests a letter written by the Autistic employee in her own words on why she was applying for WSIB and why she felt it was an injury 
  • Minister of Public Services and Procurement and Accessibility replies to the Missing Autistic Staffer's request for help and kindly tells her WSIB is a provincial matter
  • Barrier Free Canada kindly replied that responder had given a fair amount of consideration to the request and unfortunately, she did not think that their organization has the experience and skill set to be of value to the Autistic staffer's cause.
  • The WSIB Advocate office shared similar concerns as Barrier Free Canada and kindly responded, unfortunately, the issues raised are beyond the services/assistance our office can provide and kindly shared their thoughts on the polices the claim may fall under. 
  • Autistic employee staffer went through her paperwork and finds her employment letter of offer that states she is entitled to compensatory leave.  Please note,  it's well documented other political parties utilize this fund and the Member herself benefits from it.  The policy states that every effort should be taken to grant it and an employee is entitled unless the leave is their fault.  This would mean in January without an investigation the MP cut off the Autistic employee after she was gang bullied her, discriminated against, denied her accommodations, stripped her of her rights and harassed to injury?  
  • Additional paperwork was also found to substantiate MP Damoff in bad faith created and used said paperwork to dismiss and harm the Autistic employee. 
  • Autistic Staffer employee shutdown and skills appear to have regressed further. Her doctor has extended her leave until the end of November. 
  • Autistic employee has not received WSIB and it has now been nine months.  We are advised after three weeks of trying to write the said letter, it's decided to send the letter as is and re-focus on recovering.  (Please note, said letter  would be difficult for most Autistics,  or any victim to express under more ideal circumstances)
  • A version of the above letter is sent to Pam Damoff, MP,  The Prime Ministers office,  The House of Chief of Human Resources and the Liberal WHIP party with no response at this time.
  • Autistic employee has still not received an update from the House of Commons in regards to why the Member has not been investigated or the harassment policy upheld.
And here we are! Stay tuned!

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